MON, 18 April
Where: MSPU Headquarters
9:00 — 9:30Registration & Coffee
Chairman: Dr. Gregory Goltsman
9:30 — 10:30Symposium opening
10:30 — 11:15Lecture by Dr. Alexander Kozorezov: "Carrier dynamics and thermal transport in superconducting nanodevices"
11:15 — 11:40Coffee & Tea
11:40 — 12:25Lecture by Dr. Oleg Astafiev: "Coherent quantum phase slips in superconducting nano-wires"
12:30 — 12:50Group photo: the Hall
13:00 — 14:30Lunch
Where: MSPU Physics
Chairman: Dr. Alexander Kozorezov
14:30 — 15:20Lecture by Dr. Robert Hadfield: "Superconducting single-photon detectors: physics and applications"
Session Mo_1: SSPD_1
15:20 — 15:40Dr. Denis Vodolazov: "Kinetic-equation approach to electron-phonon dynamics after single photon absorption in current-carrying superconducting nanostrips"
15:40 — 16:00Dr. Jelmer Renema: "Experimental tests of the detection mechanism in nanowire superconducting single-photon detectors"
16:00 — 16:20Mr. Gavin Orchin: "Nano-Optical Characterisation of Superconducting NbSe2"
16:20 — 16:40Dr. Döndü Sahin: "Cavity integrated SSPD"
16:40 — 17:00Coffee & Tea
17:00 — 19:15Spare time
19:15 — 21:00Welcome party
TUE, 19 April
Where: MSPU Physics
9:00 — 9:30Coffee
Chairman: Dr. Teunis Klapwijk
9:30 — 10:20Lecture by Dr. Mikhail Yu. Kupriyanov: "Spin valves based on superconducting and ferromagnetic materials for superconducting memory"
Session Tu_1: Superconductivity, magnetism and non-trivial pairing
10:20 — 10:40Dr. Moitri Maiti: "Superconducting junctions as detectors for Majorana fermions"
10:40 — 11:00Dr. Ilhom Rahmonov: "Majorana fermions detectors based on DC-SQUID"
11:00 — 11:20Mr. Umberto Nasti: "Thermal fluctuations in superconductor-ferromagnet nanostripes"
11:20 — 11:40Coffee & Tea
11:40 — 12:00Dr. Yulii V. Kislinskii: "Electron transport in superconducting heterostructures with spin active interlayers"
12:00 — 12:20Mr. Evgeny Egorov: "Effect of geometry on Josephson current in p-wave superconducting junction"
12:20 — 12:40Mr. Eugene Balkind: "Magnetic skyrmions in proximity to an s-wave superconductor"
13:00 — 14:00Lunch
Chairman: Dr. Sergey Ryabchun
14:00 — 14:50Lecture by Dr. Teunis Klapwijk: "Microscopic superconductivity of superconducting resonators"
Session Tu_2: J and JJ-based quantum devices
14:50 — 15:20Contributed talk by Dr. Yury M. Shukrinov: "Novel Features of Josephson Junctions under External Electromagnetic Radiation"
15:20 — 15:40Dr. Kaveh Delfanazari: "High frequency Josephson junction based active and passive superconducting quantum devices"
15:40 — 16:00Mr. Mikhail A. Galin: "Radiation and spectral characteristics of multijunction Josephson structures"
16:00 — 16:20Dr. Georgina Klemencic: "Superconducting diamond devices"
16:20 — 16:40Mr. Vasily A. Shamporov: "Spectral properties of parallel inductively coupled Josephson junction chains"
16:40 — 17:20Coffee & Tea & Radio-physics Lab Poster Session
17:30 — 20:00MSPU Lab tours including:
  1. Experimental facilities;
  2. Technological facilities
WED, 20 April
Where: MSPU Physics
9:00 — 9:30Coffee
Chairman: Dr. Oleg Astafiev
9:30 — 10:00Contributed talk by Dr. Alexey Nikulov: "Could the two flux qubit states have an equal energy?"
Session We_1: Q-bits/Art atoms
10:00 — 10:20Mr. Aleksei Dmitriev: "Wave mixing of a quantum states of light prepared and resolved by a single artificial atom"
10:20 — 10:40Ms. Teresa Hönigl-Decrinis: "Superconducting Artificial Atoms"
10:40 — 11:00Dr. Boris Ivanov: "Superconducting flux quantum bit measurement in quasi-dispersion regime"
11:00 — 11:20Mr. Aidar N. Sultanov: "Microwave photon transport in the solid state hybrid structure Qubit-Resonator"
11:20 — 11:40Coffee & Tea
11:40 — 12:40Round Table 1: Artificial Quantum Systems
Moderator: Oleg Astafiev
13:00 — 14:00Lunch
Chairman: Dr. Robert Hadfield
14:00 — 14:40Lecture by Dr. Gregory Goltsman: "Study of non-equilibrium effects in superconducting nanostructures"
Session We_2: SSPD_2
14:40 — 15:00Mr. Robert Kirkwood: "Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors Integrated with GaAs Waveguide Circuits"
15:00 — 15:20Dr. Dmitry Morozov: "Superconducting Single Photon Detectors for Astronomical Instrumentation"
15:20 — 15:40Mr. Kleanthis Erotokritou: "Waveguide integrated superconducting single-photon detectors for scalable on-chip optical quantum information processing"
15:40 — 16:00Dr. Alexander Korneev "Hotspot formation after single-photon absorption in different superconducting materials"
16:00 — 16:20Coffee & Tea
Chairman: Dr. Mikhail Kupriyanov
Session We_3: Spin valves
16:20 — 16:40Dr. Aldo Isidori: "Remotely induced magnetism in a normal metal using a superconducting spin-valve"
16:40 — 17:00Mr. Rashid Gaifullin: "Distribution of pairing functions in superconducting spin-valves"
17:00 — 17:20Mr. Andrey Kamashev: "Experimental study of the role of the triplet pairing in the superconducting spin valve effect"
17:20 — 17:40Dr. Nataliya Pugach: "Singlet and triplet correlations in superconducting spin valves"
17:40 — 17:50Coffee & Tea
17:50 — 18:50Round Table 2: Superconductivity, magnetism and non-trivial pairing
Moderator: Dr. Mikhail Kupriyanov
19:30 — 23:00Workshop dinner
THU, 21 April
Where: MSPU Physics
9:00 — 9:30Coffee
Chairman: Dr. Alexander Korneev
9:30 — 10:00Contributed talk by Dr. Alexei Semenov: "Detecting radiation by a nanowire via phase-slip noise"
Session Th_1: High frequency superconducting circuits
10:00 — 10:30Contributed talk by Dr. Alexey Nikulov: "Ultrasensitive detection of non-equilibrium noise with multiple superconducting asymmetric rings"
10:30 — 10:50Dr. Jonathan Burnett: "Embedding high-Q NbN resonators with superconducting nanowires using a Ne FIB"
10:50 — 11:10Mr. Kirill V. Kulikov: "Single Photon Detectors Based on SQUIDs"
11:10 — 11:30Dr. Alexander Semenov: "Coherent excited states in superconductors due to a microwave field"
11:30 — 11:40Coffee & Tea
11:40 — 12:40Round Table 3: SSPD
Moderator: Dr. Alexander Korneev
13:00 — 14:00Lunch
Chairman: Dr. Alexander Kozorezov
14:00 — 14:30Contributed talk by Dr. Pavel Morozov: "Innovative business company development"
Session Th_2: Practical developments
14:30 — 14:50Dr. Pete Barry: "An overview of superconducting micro-resonator detector technologies"
14:50 — 15:10Dr. Anna Gordeeva: "Noise properties of cold-electron bolometers"
15:10 — 15:30Dr. Konstantin Kalashnikov: "Development and applications of Superconducting Integrated receiver"
15:30 — 15:50Mr. Daniel Margineda: "Design and construction of a high-frequency and ultra-low temperature SQUID magnetometer"
15:50 — 16:10Mr. Anton Artanov: "SIS-junctions for the cryogenic multiplexing system"
16:10 — 16:40Announcements & workshop closing
16:40 — 17:00Coffee & Tea
17:00 — 20:00City Bus Tour (optional)