Coordinators' and mentors' talks

1Dr. Oleg AstafievCoherent quantum phase slips in superconducting nano-wires
2Dr. Gregory GoltsmanStudy of non-equilibrium effects in superconducting nanostructures
3Dr. Robert HadfieldSuperconducting single-photon detectors: physics and applications
4Dr. Teunis KlapwijkMicroscopic superconductivity of superconducting resonators
5Dr. Alexander KozorezovCarrier dynamics and thermal transport in superconducting nanodevices
6Dr. Mikhail Yu. KupriyanovSpin valves based on superconducting and ferromagnetic materials for superconducting memoryPDF

Contributed and participants' talks

1Mr. Anton ArtanovSIS-junctions for the cryogenic multiplexing systemPDF
2Mr. Eugene BalkindMagnetic skyrmions in proximity to an s-wave superconductorPDF
3Dr. Pete BarryAn overview of superconducting micro-resonator detector technologiesPDF
4Dr. Jonathan BurnettEmbedding high-Q NbN resonators with superconducting nanowires using a Ne FIBPDF
5Dr. Kaveh DelfanazariHigh frequency Josephson junction based active and passive superconducting quantum devicesPDF
6Mr. Aleksei DmitrievWave mixing of a quantum states of light prepared and resolved by a single artificial atomPDF
7Mr. Evgeny EgorovEffect of geometry on Josephson current in p-wave superconducting junctionPDF
8Mr. Kleanthis ErotokritouWaveguide integrated superconducting single-photon detectors for scalable on-chip optical quantum information processingPDF
9Mr. Rashid GaifullinDistribution of pairing functions in superconducting spin-valvesPDF
10Mr. Mikhail A. GalinRadiation and spectral characteristics of multijunction Josephson structuresPDF
11Dr. Anna GordeevaNoise properties of cold-electron bolometersPDF
12Ms. Teresa Hönigl-DecrinisSuperconducting Artificial AtomsPDF
13Dr. Aldo IsidoriRemotely induced magnetism in a normal metal using a superconducting spin-valvePDF
14Dr. Boris IvanovSuperconducting flux quantum bit measurement in quasi-dispersion regimePDF
15Dr. Konstantin KalashnikovDevelopment and applications of Superconducting Integrated receiverPDF
16Mr. Andrey KamashevExperimental study of the role of the triplet pairing in the superconducting spin valve effectPDF
17Mr. Robert KirkwoodSuperconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors Integrated with GaAs Waveguide CircuitsPDF
18Dr. Yulii V. KislinskiiElectron transport in superconducting heterostructures with spin active interlayersPDF
19Dr. Georgina KlemencicSuperconducting diamond devicesPDF
20Dr. Alexander KorneevHotspot formation after single-photon absorption in different superconducting materials
21Mr. Kirill V. KulikovSingle Photon Detectors Based on SQUIDsPDF
22Dr. Moitri MaitiSuperconducting junctions as detectors for Majorana fermionsPDF
23Mr. Daniel MarginedaDesign and construction of a high-frequency and ultra-low temperature SQUID magnetometerPDF
24Dr. Pavel MorozovInnovative business company development
25Dr. Dmitry MorozovSuperconducting Single Photon Detectors for Astronomical InstrumentationPDF
26Mr. Umberto NastiThermal fluctuations in superconductor-ferromagnet nanostripesPDF
27Dr. Alexey NikulovUltrasensitive detection of non-equilibrium noise with multiple superconducting asymmetric ringsPDF
28Dr. Alexey NikulovCould the two flux qubit states have an equal energy?PDF
29Mr. Gavin OrchinNano-Optical Characterisation of Superconducting NbSe2PDF
30Dr. Nataliya PugachSinglet and triplet correlations in superconducting spin valvesPDF
31Dr. Ilhom RahmonovMajorana fermions detectors based on DC-SQUIDPDF
32Dr. Jelmer RenemaExperimental tests of the detection mechanism in nanowire superconducting single-photon detectorsPDF
33Dr. Döndü SahinCavity integrated SSPDPDF
34Dr. Alexei SemenovDetecting radiation by a nanowire via phase-slip noise
35Dr. Alexander SemenovCoherent excited states in superconductors due to a microwave field
36Mr. Vasily A. ShamporovSpectral properties of parallel inductively coupled Josephson junction chainsPDF
37Dr. Yury M. ShukrinovNovel Features of Josephson Junctions under External Electromagnetic RadiationPDF
38Mr. Aidar N. SultanovMicrowave photon transport in the solid state hybrid structure Qubit-ResonatorPDF
39Dr. Denis VodolazovKinetic-equation approach to electron-phonon dynamics after single photon absorption in current-carrying superconducting nanostripsPDF